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    Our team specializes in commercial epoxy flooring installation to meet all your specific needs whether your business is an auto shop, classroom, healthcare facility, office building, storage space, food & beverage location, retail space, gymnasium, transportation center, conference room, laboratory, technology building, entertainment location, etc. Our epoxy floor team is versatile, ready to take on client requests according to our various skillsets. We are aware that floors face a variety of issues every day such as heavy loads, strong impacts, spilled liquids/ foods and sanitation requirements. Sioux City Epoxy Floors provide the necessary solutions to keep commercial facilities in Iowa as safe as possible. Our installed epoxy floors have the potential to withstand minimum static or cyclical loadings, severe conditions, harsh acids and overall heavy use, while being extremely durable either indoor or outdoor. With only the best epoxy coating materials being implemented, our epoxy coating installations can be rated for heavy foot traffic, forklift use, vehicle use, storage areas and more. Our durable epoxy installations have to potential to provide a lasting product that can protect your space from stains, spills, unwanted odors and concrete cracking.


    A disregarded and vulnerable concrete slab will not only be a sight for sore eyes, but will also be bad for business! Unprotected floors can leave room for ground contaminations leading to costly maintenance and repairs. Sioux City Epoxy Floors can use commercial-grade floor coatings that can withstand the impacts of various abuse, while protecting the early wear and tear surface damage. Fluid applied epoxy floor coatings have the benefit of being nearly seamless for existing concrete cracking. This is specifically imperative in a commercial location, where any discontinuities in the surface of the floor can allow eroding substances, fluids and other hazardous materials to trickle into the underlying concrete slabs, and eventually into the soil beneath, causing environmental concerns that can be very expensive to fix. This seamless phase of epoxy installation allows for easy cleaning and minimal maintenance to help our clients save money from future damages. The method our epoxy is installed can also help distribute impact and weight across the floor, providing improved strength and durability.


    If you’re needing a high gloss and shiny epoxy floor finish that’s heavy duty for commercial use, we’ll be sure to choose only the best material perfect for your facility preference. A clean and shiny look for your commercial floor can not only have the potential to attract more business, but also give that clean look and feel your employees and occupants deserve. Whether it will be a two layer epoxy coating or color flakes for an anti slip surface, we’ve got you covered!


    We know that facilities can’t afford to be closed for too long due to floor renovations, so our team is dedicated in working to the best of our ability to get the job done in a timely manner! With fast epoxy curing times, we ensure that your facility will be up and running in a few days once installed. At Sioux City Epoxy Floors, we strive to keep our clients happy with a product that provides satisfaction. Contact us for your FREE quote at (712) 423-6106.

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