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    Metallic Marble Epoxy Floors from Sioux City Epoxy Floors are truly one of a kind! This specific floor finish is one of a kind in that it can never be replicated. As with any metallic marble epoxy flooring, the marble effect is from the metallic that’s added to the epoxy. Our selection of decorative metallic marble epoxy floor coating options will give you the selection to really make your residential or commercial project pop! Our beautiful colored blends and resins offers the extraordinary strength and beauty using skilled techniques to form the finish your looking for.


    This metallic marble epoxy finish allows the transformation of your floors to reproduce the look of a shimmery and glossy appearance of copper, silver, aged bronze, nickel, etc. Metallic marble epoxy floors are perfect when you’re aiming to make your floors the focal point of attention. Most common functions of these design schemes are retail stores, lobby areas, salons, luxurious living spaces, hotels, restaurants, offices and more! They have excellent wear and impact resistance making it ideal for high foot traffic areas. It’s recommended that a top coat is applied for further scratch and abrasion resistance.


    At Sioux City Epoxy Floors, our marble metallic epoxy designs are made by combining a resin and hardener, creating a strong, durable end product. The addition of metallic powder creates this unique appearance, transforming an undecorated flooring into a deep, high-gloss look with an amazing visual effect. Never will two metallic floor coatings be identical with visual effects that can mirror a three-dimensional look giving the illusion of waves, ripples, and swirls. This look can be applied any setting you desireMarble metallic epoxy floor coating may be applied with a roller or squeegee to the floor or can be dispensed from a bucket or water spout. A primer coat is necessary, and an optional ultra violet resistant layer may be included if an interior room is exposed to sunlight. This sunlight or UV rays can have the potential to turn the mable metallic finish yellow in light colors. Using a darker color when exposed to sunlight will help to avoid a yellow tarnished look after years of exposure.


    Now of course, marble metallic epoxy floors may cost more than other epoxy flooring options in that marble metallic coatings require 4 or more layers. It is also higher cost in that it takes more time and skill creating that unique marble metallic appearance. You may pay a little more, but the long-lasting durability and elegant look can go a long way to attract more business or simply give your occupants a sense of comfort and enjoyment.


    Unique effects can be accomplished with marble metallic floor coatings by using various application methods and skillful techniques to the top layer. With proper application, your marble metallic epoxy floor will be long-lasting and enjoyable for years to come. Your dream design will become reality in that Sioux City Epoxy Floors will strive to accomplish.


    Metallic marble epoxy floors can sometimes have an “out of this world” appearance and completely look like something foreign to the human eye. That’s why at Sioux City Epoxy Floors, we strive to give you that one-of-kind look when choosing the marble metallic epoxy floor option!


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