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    Whether you’re looking to give your concrete slab a fresh new look or want to create an attention-grabbing floor space, Sioux City Epoxy Floors is your #1 concrete coating contractor. We know that for concrete needs to look as good as it functions, and with an acceptable concrete finish and seal, this only adds to the value our customers are looking for. With a plethora of color options, textures and design techniques, we take pride in our dedicated concrete coating installations that will meet your design requirements, targets while still staying on budget. If your existing concrete doesn’t need to replaced and is in good condition, why remove it when you can freshen it up with a new concrete coating? Our concrete coatings will give your concrete slab a cost-effective transformation creating a smooth, aesthetically pleasing, polishable concrete surface.


    Sioux City Epoxy Floors concrete polishing methods use resurfacing method to new or existing slabs to achieve the desired level of finish. Our finished products will reveal a quality smooth surface with a bright and rich shine. Like polished concrete, it is easy to maintain and clean. Polishable layers give you more freedom when wanting to add more designing to your surface. Polished concrete is extremely in demand in commercial locations, but is now in high demand and trending in residential homes as well. Polished concrete coatings can add a sense of comfort to a room, transforming any residential or commercial space from boring to attractive.


    Concrete coatings is a covering placed over cured concrete slabs, creating a structure and surface that will last and is usually in liquid or semi-liquid form. Concrete coatings will not only keep the area presentable, but it will also preserve the exterior of a floor and create it to be much easier to clean and maintain. Depending on the environment around the property, we offer various sealing options to fit your concrete needs. In commercial environments there is a multitude of influences such as foot traffic, product spills and fertilizer that can damage your concrete. Concrete coatings are a great solution to protect your flooring from all types of abuse and damages that we at Sioux City Epoxy Floors can help you with!


    If resurfacing is needed, Sioux City Epoxy Floors recommend applying a primer after to improve the bond of epoxy to concrete. Our installers mix the two part component epoxy resin with the desired decorative aggregate, if applicable, and then dispense the material onto the slab. Sealer is then applied which makes the surface more resistant to water, chemicals, oil, grease, acids, and solvents.


    Who says concrete coating can’t be beautiful? Our decorative epoxy floor coating systems and other resinous materials prove that beauty isn’t just floor deep. These stunning decorative concrete coating finishes not only have the potential to be beautiful, but also tough! Depending on your concrete floor structure and facility needs, these concrete coatings can be up to 1/4″ thick or more being impact resistant, fluid resistant giving it an impressive compressive strength even in the strongest heavy-duty industrial environments.

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