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    Get the decorative floor coating installation you deserve that can withstand the test of time of constant foot traffic or heavy load points! At Sioux City Epoxy Floors, we have the skill sets to install epoxy floors of beauty as well as the durability you need and want. Our unique team are available to install any decorative concrete design of your choice of either epoxy flakes, chips, quartz and metallic blend options. No matter what choice you choose from, any option you pick will generate a beautiful finish we can create that can handle any wear and tear your decorative floor may encounter. 


    Don’t let this opportunity pass you by with the benefit of decorating your concrete floor into the attractive floor design you deserve. We have a wide selection of decorative colors to choose from! From multi-colored epoxy coatings and flakes, decorative chips and resins, and metallic marble dyes, you get to choose the epoxy flooring of your dreams. We recognize what it takes to create a decorative epoxy flooring solution for all our clients.  Every epoxy floor is custom made to our customer’s desires, making us a one-of-a-kind contractor in Sioux City, Iowa! 


    We work closely with our clients and associates to install the decorative epoxy flooring they desire and work tirelessly to meet their needs whether it is residential, commercial or industrial.  We offer limitless possibilities for creative and decorative flooring designs for metallic marble, solid colors, multicolor and murals! With nearly a boundless option of colors, we can combine these decorative ideas to fit custom art works, images, emblems and even logos applied in different application methods, you can attain exclusive interior designs with remarkable floor finishes. Our decorative concrete flooring installations give you design freedom to produce anything that matches your desires for aesthetics, durability and worry-free maintenance. 


    Our decorative concrete installations provide superior automotive and/or chemical spill resistance, odor resistance with a cleaner and safer work environment. This decorative flooring design can fight against mold from underlying soil moisture because they cure to provide a complete and smooth floor with no cracks or openings in the exisiting slab. Our decorative concrete installations can also fight again discoloring from UV rays and excessive sunlight.


    We all know the annoyances of echoing noises created by either footsteps, tools, machinery, conversations, etc. With a selected decorative concrete coating, this can help reduce these noises and echoing if you’re really wanting a more comfortable work or living space. At Sioux City Epoxy Floors, we can help you achieve that ideal space for a quieter option.


    To restore an existing decorative floor or to change the color or scheme, the simplest means is to redecorate the floor with an additional thin layer. This procedure is suitable and helps to keep maintenance costs low. Epoxy decorative flooring systems are perfect for clients looking for a flooring solution that is decorative as well as durable. These epoxy floors are generally a good choice for clients looking for a overcoat that is economical.

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