• Concrete Resurfacing in Sioux City, IA

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    There are a number concrete floors that were originally constructed with worn and torn slabs that have resulted in large cracks. If this is happening to your concrete slab surface, you may be wondering if the solution is to completely remove your concrete slab or resurface it and place a fresh coat of epoxy down. At Sioux City Epoxy Floors, we are familiar with concrete flooring and concrete resurfacing and will comply on what to do for the safest and most cost-effective option your project may specify.


    In other instances, concrete floors are in need of some work before they are ready for stain or sealant. Concrete grinding helps free any existing glues, cements and adhesives in order level out bumpy and unequal surfaces. Sioux City Epoxy Floors utilizes quick and efficient grinding techniques that will take the difficult task out of your hands and complete the floor to your desired goals.


    Some of the demolition options we have are removing carpets, tiles, wood or other unwanted flooring. We haul this excess debris from the job site so you don’t have to see this old mess again. This can be a huge task for clients that do not have the proper tools and machinery. That’s why at Sioux City Epoxy Floors, we’re here to eliminate the headaches from our clients by using our up to date equipment to get the job done quick, while still maintaining the integrity of the final product.


    Expand the protection and aesthetic look of your concrete flooring with Sioux City Epoxy Floors! Our professional team is qualified to seal any existing cracks in your concrete slab to improve its duration. We use leading resurfacing tools to skillfully prepare the surface of your concrete floors, filling in any cracks or indentations, refining the look your floors needs. We also use top of the line restoration products explicitly concrete slab resurfacing needs. A correctly primed floor is vital to achieving an effective epoxy coating bond.


    The secret to an effective and efficient epoxy coating bond for any concrete floor or slab is in the preparation and resurfacing work! Here at Sioux City Epoxy Floors, we make sure that every inch of floor is cleaned and ready prior to epoxy flooring installation. Concrete resurfacing is a method in making timeworn concrete look new again. Using a grinder or shotblaster that mechanically grinds the concrete, is one of the most efficient tools to achieve successful concrete resurfacing. These effective tools can not only eliminate most contaminants and unsound concrete, but it can also leave behind a roughened or smooth surface profile depending on your project’s needs. Of course, these resurfacing methods vary from project to project depending on a variety of factors such as quality of the concrete and the exterior preparation procedures recommended by the manufacturer. Let this be a job given to a qualified contractor who will be able to evaluate the situation of your present needs and decide the work necessary to guarantee a good and acceptable resurface and epoxy installation.

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